Live Auction

Live Auction Adds Thrill

Going! Going! Gone! Sold to the lucky bidder in the Sam Noble Special Events Center at the Prix de West opening weekend Awards Banquet! Guests who attend the dinner on Saturday night, June 13, have one last opportunity to add to or start their collection during the event’s annual fast-paced Live Auction.

After the hour-long fixed-price sale, nearly 1,000 guests amble into the Museum’s Sam Noble Special Events Center to the traditionally sold-out Awards Banquet. The Live Auction adds a sweet way to end the dinner before awards are announced.

This Live Auction is a quick-paced, stimulating way to acquire art. Guests will be tempted by delightful works expected from many of your favorite Prix de West artists.

Remember only those attending the banquet get the chance to buy in such an entertaining way. Don’t miss out —make reservations today.